Introducing Clever First Aid Introducing Clever First Aid


Prox is a research and educational tool for Universities.
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Introducing Clever First Aid Introducing Clever First Aid
Daily Proximity
Prox is private, anonymous and free
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What is Prox?

Prox is a free educational tool for Universities that facilitates research with a focus on indigenous communities, health and safety, wellbeing, social inclusivity or exclusivity, and mental health.

Prox helps gather data on the number of near and far interactions people have each day. Prox statistics provide an understanding of proximity to others over time.

Prox App

Available now on the App store and coming soon to Android. Prox is free to use and is completely anonymous. Your data belongs to you.

Prox Bio Limited is a New Zealand health and safety technology company. Our innovative and experienced team has built a deep skill set in intermeshing sensors, signal processing, software and cloud apps to deliver novel and useful products that solve real world problems.